Our Adjustable Beds Offer Individualized Comfort For Your Best Sleep

Adjustable mattresses offer maximum comfort by allowing you to individually adjust your bed to the best reclines and shape for your body. And by sleeping on a slight incline, instead of a flat mattress, adjustable beds can help improve your posture, reduce back and joint pain and help with breathing and circulation problems, ultimately helping you be healthier.

Our Adjustable Styles

Our adjustable beds come in two different styles so that you can choose the bed that fits your sleep needs.

Adjustable Sets

Get your adjustable bed at a great price. The set includes a wireless remote control with a flashlight. If you are looking for a larger bed for you and your partner, remember two twin XL sets equal a King size. With two well-priced sets you can have the bed you need while retaining individual comfort control.

Adjustable Frame

The Silver Style Includes the Following:


  • Wired Hand Control
  • Head & Foot Articulation
  • Quiet Might Mechanism (an extra quiet high-power motor that supports up to 554 pounds)
  • Flexible Configuration (stand-alone; used with head or foot boards or used in standard bed frames)
  • Mobility (twin wheel, locking caster for easy mobility)
  • Durable (with a 3-mil. powder-coated steel construction)

The S Cape Style’s Features Include:


  • Powerlift™ Motor
  • 600-Pound Lifting Capacity
  • Back-Lit Wireless Remote
  • Dual, Full-Body Massage with Wave
  • Programmable Position
  • One-Touch “Flat” Button
  • Dual-Wheel Locking Casters
  • Wallhugger Engineering
  • Variable Height Options

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